Tembr FAQ

Q: What is Tembr?

It’s a platform for audio blogging. Each person may have his own audio blog or listen to others’ blogs totally for free.

Q: What are three main benefits of Tembr?

In fact, it provides you individuality. The only person able to make a note for your audio blog is you. Not like with photos or text posting, when anyone else is able to publish the content on your behalf. Your followers will appreciate the individuality you gain through Tembr.

Tembr is a pleasant thing to listen. Simply, cause you listen to speech of people you are interested.

Finally, it is way easier to become a popular audio blogger, due to it is relatively new format in comparison with text or videos or other high competitive blogging formats.

Q: Does it mean audio blogs are better than traditional ones?

It means they are of other format, with their advantages and disadvantages. By the way, Tembr’s format is easy to mix with usual notes – one can paste an audio note directly into a website or share it in social networks.

Q: What to start with?

Just go to AppStore and download our application, register there, and subscribe for one of popular audio blogs. By time, you’ll sort out with everything.

Q: How to subscribe to the channel?

Push "People" into the main menu.

Find people en

Put first letters of member’s name, surname or nickname.

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Go to member’s account and click on "Follow".

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